Bengkel dan toko sparepart sepeda motor artikel tentang jaket


Riding motorcycles need other gears, like a stylish motorcycle jacket and helmet to go with it. A high-quality black leather jacket may be the most important motorcycle gear you need to buy. A motorcycle jacket not only provides protection but also makes a statement of the wearer’s individuality. When you shop for a biker jacket, you need to consider some point. We will show you how to buy the men’s motorcycle jacket or women’s motorcycle jacket.

Motorcycle Jacket Material:

Leather: Leather motorcycle jacket is hard to beat. A good leather motorcycle jacket should be made from leather that is at least one millimeter thick.
Non-leather: Modern non-leather motorcycle jackets made from high-density ballistic nylon or Kevlar that feature waterproof liners also provide essential protection. Some of the advantages of non-leather jackets include being lighter in weight and drying more quickly than leathers.

Finding the Right Fit:

Sizing: A jacket need to be comfortable while you’re on your bike. To find a leather jacket in the right size when you are shopping online, be sure to refer to the sizing guide and always measure yourself.

Motorcycle Jacket Features:

Vents: Vents usually have zipper closures. They are often placed in the front and back of the jacket as well as in the sleeves to allow a little breeze to cool you down while you ride.

Padding: The more padding your leather bike jackets have, the more protected you are. Look for reinforced elbows, shoulders and backs. Padding can consist of anything from extra layers of material to high-tech plastic composites, often called “armor,” sewn into the jacket. The armor also needs to be in the right places; for example, shoulder armor should fit over your shoulders, not your biceps, which is another good reason to make sure you select a black leather jacket with the proper fit.

Pockets: Obviously, pockets are a good idea, but making sure they’re in the right places is important. Make sure that you have at least one pocket on the inside of the jacket to hold your wallet and other valuables. Outside pockets should have sturdy zippers to secure your items; flaps over the outside zippered pockets are even better. Buying leather motorbike jackets with waterproof pockets is also a smart idea.

Reflective material: In addition, it’s a good idea to select a jacket with some reflective material sewn onto it. While you may look great in solid black, it makes you almost invisible at night. Many leather motorbike jackets feature thin white piping down the sleeves and across the back, providing the reflective properties you need without making your jacket look too flashy.